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About Us
Karnataka Rural Roads Development Agency (KRRDA) is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1960 

The Registered Office of the Society is at No.305, 3rd Floor, Multi Storied Building, Dr: Ambedkar Veedhi, Bangalore-560 001. 

The executive office is located at 3rd Floor, Grameenabhivruddhi Bhavan, Anandarao Circle, Bangalore 50009. 

KRRDA is a compact, professional and multi-disciplinary body and the personnel will be obtained or engaged on deputation from PRED or hired on contract basis. There will be no permanent appointment to KRRDA. It draws Monitors from different Disciplines, and other Organizations 
(Public Sector or Private Sector), on part-time basis, to serve as independent Monitors. 

KRRDA will execute all such other acts and things, either alone or in conjunction with other organizations or persons, as the Karnataka Rural Roads Development Agency may consider necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives mentioned above.

 The following are the authorities of the Agency:- 
1. General Body 
2. President 
3. Vice-President 
4. Executive Committee 
5. Chief Executive Officer 
6. Such other officers of the Agency as the General Body may from time to time appoint 

The Minister in charge of the Ministry / Department dealing with the Agency shall be the ex-officio President of the Agency. The Principal Secretary to the Government of Karnataka in the Rural Development & Panchayath Raj Department is the ex-officio Vice-President of the Agency. 

The Secretary in Government of Karnataka dealing with the Agency is the ex-officio Chief Executive Officer of the Karnataka Rural Roads Development Agency.


               · To provide state-of-the art technical support to the department in co-ordination with the technical academic institutions and evolving low cost construction technology using locally available materials to a greater extent.

· To create the qualitative and sustainable rural infrastructures within the time bound manner which meets the needs of the end users and delivers value to money invested.

· To produce the knowledgeable and experienced filed engineers through the evaluation of performance by tapping their potential.

· To impart training and education to upgrade the knowledge continuously to gain competitive edge and then employing capacity building.

· To adopt cutting edge technologies and to provide excellent service to society.

· To inculcate moral and ethical values in the personnel and thereby increasing the agency's role towards social responsibility.  Providing incentives and motivate the human resources to produce 'deliverables'.

· To establish strategic partnership with all the stakeholders by taking confidence building measures and working together.

· To maintain the assets created in the most serviceable conditions. To maintain highest transparency To evolve effective quality mechanism and complain response mechanism and to take redressal measures.


· Developing and maintaining a good organizational and social environment for initiation, innovation and production by overcoming the resistance to change and other apprehensions.

· Achieving reasonable expertise and enriching design and implementation capabilities in building the rural infrastructure.

· Managing the assets and human resources in the most effective and efficient manner to ensure reasonable return on investment.

· Creating a sustainable rural infrastructure and inclusive growth of rural India by adopting multi project strategy.

· Incorporating effective accountability, commitment and supportive environment.


· To create the bench marks of excellence and continuously revisiting it by providing sustainable basic rural infrastructures which adds to the inclusive growth of rural India and makes them self-reliable.

· To create the rural infrastructures adhering to the standards and specification.

· Maintenance of assets created for its effective serviceability.


· Understanding and assessing the internal and external factors that affect us.

· Identifying all the stakeholders, their core agenda and basis of working together with them.

· Assessing department's strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.

· Defining core learning agenda.

· Preparing work plan and budget .


· Providing basic infrastructures in rural areas to make them self reliable and self sufficient by 2020.


Publication of particulars in respect of KRRDA under sub section 4(1)a and 4(1)(b) of the Right to information act 2005

(c) Karnataka Rural Road Development Agency, Bengaluru